Why Four Pastures

Climate change already affects cultures around the globe. Obvious places to witness this are in the more extreme climate areas but these borders are shifting as are populations in the millions who seek food water and shelter. The world is changing everywhere. We want to help people see the world as it is changing not just in these extreme climates.

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Taking our viewers on a journey around the world, to visit cultures that are rarely filmed while also unwinding some of the threads of climate, culture, land use and technology. We explore the local cultures and their historical and current relationship to land and climate. We also hear from artists and scientists that are telling the story of climate and some of the challenges and answers they find. this will be interesting to anyone who is alive today and cares about the future of indigenous cultures or their own.  This film is meant to archive and to inform people of some of the current effects of climate change.


Barrow, Alaska - Permafrost, Spring Hunting, Measuring Temperature. Barrow is located 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle and 700 miles northwest of Anchorage, Barrow, Alaska, is a few miles southwest of Point Barrow, the farthest north point of land in the United States.

Maasai Territory, Kenya Droughts are more frequent and deeper in Kenya. Land use and human migration are inextricably entwined. We explore the  Maasai relation to animal husbandry, water, and climate across the Mara region. One Minute Film

Nomadic Mongolia "The most vulnerable areas in Mongolia are the agricultural, livestock, land use, water resources, energy, tourism, and residential sectors. Adaptation is thus essential to reduce the country’s vulnerability to the adverse impacts of climate change." Unep

Mahuayani, Peru Andes's Quechua-speaking farmers are confronted with melting sacred glaciers and a culture changing as the climate changes altering the fundamentals of their daily lives and beliefs. Scientific America

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