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Daisy Carlson

Founder /Producer
Pasture enthusiast

A photographer and designer, best known for her company Daisy Arts Inc., which preserved traditional Italian crafts in the International marketplace.  Her interest in preserving and documenting culture through traditional crafts and materials has led her to over 40 countries. Witnessing cultural and land use change due to climate change has inspired her to a deeper inquiry into sustainable development. Carlson -  We can understand our relationship to the land better when we have the full story of those who live on it.


Greg Niemeyer

New Media Professor Berkeley / Artist  / Founder

Born in Switzerland in 1967, Greg Niemeyer studied Classics and Photography. He started working with new media when he arrived in the Bay Area in 1992 and he received his MFA from Stanford University in New Media in 1997. At the same time, he founded the Stanford University Digital Art Center, which he directed until 2001, when he was appointed at UC Berkeley as Assistant Professor for New Media. Greg is passionate about the importance of interdisciplinary studies and environmental communications.



Contributer / Story Teller


Please join us in telling your climate stories. Send us your story and short bio with an interesting fact to share with others.


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